Best practices on citizens’ participation 5 found

Herders in Bayan-Ulgii Improve Citizen Participation in Decision-Making
2016-04-19 12:26
For years, herders from Ulaanhus soum of Bayan-Ulgii aimag have implored local politicians and administrators to work more closely with citizens, in an effort to improve governance at the local level. Their main message was that bagh governors should..
Interview with B.Enkhkhudolmor: Chairman of the 2nd khoroo of Khanuul district
2015-01-14 15:01
FOSTERING CITIZEN ENGAGEMENT IN KHOROOS Question: Could you please introduce yourself? Over the last 30 years, I have been working for the State and I have held my present position, as Citizen Representative Hural (CRH) chairman of the 2nd khoroo in Khanuul district,..
Ondor soum demonstrates the importance of citizen engagement and participation to address local issues
2014-12-05 09:44
In the territories of Gross, Left and Khovon (Khovsgol), are numerous travel routes that are heavily frequented by people and automobiles alike. Unfortunately, poor weather has resulted in erosion and heavy flooding leaving deep trenches and crevasses along these..
Increasing Citizen Participation and Encouraging Local Government Transparency in Govi-Ugtaal Khural, Dundgovi Aimag
2014-11-12 11:53
The Citizens’ Representative Khural (CRH) of Govi-Ugtaal Khural, Dundgovi Aimag has been active in supporting bagh meetings in an effort to increase citizen participation in decision making and improve local government transparency. The CRH has been providing..
Citizens Representative’s Khural of Sumber Soum, in Govisumber Aimag, are using SMS Technology for Information Sharing
2014-10-29 17:55
Since June 2014, the citizen hall of Sumber Soum, Govisumber Aimag, has implemented a SMS (texting) program, which has enabled the rapid delivery of information, encouraged greater citizens’ participation, while also serving as a tool to contact citizens with vital..