Best practices of CRHs 4 found

Chandmani-Ondorsoum’s CRH of Khovsgol province approves decree on ensuring citizen participation as part of the Soum Development Fund
2016-03-17 16:18
The Mongolian Government created the Soum Development Fund (SDF) in 2011. In a response the soum has passed a decree that specifies the source of the soum development fund, allocates it and stipulates how it was controlled in Resolution 134. Among..
Decree passed for Citizens to Evaluate the Work of soum CRH
2016-01-15 14:06
Tomorbulagsoum’s CRH of Khovsgol province has implemented a grant awarded by CSLSB, titled, “To increase the Representatives’responsibility by supporting citizens’ participation”. Citizens who participated in Khural meetings in surveys expressed..
Businessmen and Politics: Lessons learned from Bogd soum, Uvurkhangai province
2014-12-24 15:51
Interview with V. Bayarsaikhan, Chair of Citizens Representatives Hural of Bogd soum in Uvurkhangai provinceQuestion: What news of the CRH in Bogd soum would you like to share? In 2014, the CRH of Bogd soum organized meetings to discuss activities that will be held to..
Interview with representative G.Naranbaatar, Chairman of CRH of Baruun Urt soum
2014-12-09 11:40
Q: What kind of activities did Baruun Urt soum undertake in 2014?The Citizen Representative Hural (CRH) of Baruun Urt soum has adopted the slogan, “Garbage-free city and the Civilized Citizen” in 2014, as part of an environmental campaign which aims to reduce..